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Was making a nice lenghty clock day flash

2013-08-15 18:39:37 by kanamomashouse

then flash randomly crashed before I got to save SHIT. fuck off. god damnit that really pisses me off.


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2013-08-16 00:20:34

youre still around here you fucking n****r?

kanamomashouse responds:

Damn straight my nigs. I'll make something new one of these days. Would have today if that didn't happen.


2013-08-17 00:11:18

I wondered why there was no Clock Day submission from you. Now I know. How sucky that that happened to you. Nice to see you around again.

kanamomashouse responds:

YEah, it was gonna be a nice one. D: But hey, I'm working on a new adventures of bob and G right now just to be random and for fun. Should be interesting. (: Gonna make a post about it soon.