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2009-08-25 16:27:41 by kanamomashouse

From now on my newer movies will have some storyline in them. Lol

New movie.

2009-08-25 12:40:14 by kanamomashouse

The Adventures Of Bob And G Episode 4: Rage. Oh god you will love this one.. ahahha.

A tribute to me.

2009-08-17 21:34:34 by kanamomashouse

Whoa check this soon to come tribute to my movies The Adventures Of Bob And G. this guys amazing. Ahaha. just awesome. you really should check his page for updates every once in awhile.

The end of clock day.

2009-08-16 20:07:50 by kanamomashouse

Yes, very sad it is. i didn't get to submit as many movies as i wanted to cause of problems with stuff but, it was still god to submit 2 animations. (yes i know about the 2 movies per day limit)


2009-08-15 18:18:00 by kanamomashouse



2009-07-28 17:48:36 by kanamomashouse

Who the fuck would have thought there was actually a movie with the name of the phrase that i say daily. aag.


20 Spam movies.

2009-07-27 18:04:32 by kanamomashouse

im starting it once again. in the past i abandoned it, but now its back all thanks to inspiration i got from a good friend named soybean.

Teh Altamat3 Madn3zz M0vie!

2009-07-25 16:59:37 by kanamomashouse

l0lz! it r gr8!

mmmmm. my favorite recipe.

hai! wuts up!?

2009-07-22 13:31:13 by kanamomashouse

my mother just died!

oh ok.